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Calendar Committee
The Calendar Committee began in 1999 with the idea of having a full size calendar which would have all the requirements of a church calendar but still have enough room to be a family calendar with sufficient space to write in family events etc.

Over the years, we have been happy to have the following members as technical expertsor advisors and proof readers of our calendar.

Russ Cosman                   Fr. Walter

Mary Demeda                   Bob Rutkay

Morris Diakowsky              Natalie Olynyk Kowalenko

Slawko Hluchaniuk            Pauline Mudry

Michael Manzatiuk            Darcy Moskaluk-Rutkay

Orysia Manzatiuk              Boris Melnyk

We have had various themes

  • Historical Icons of the Orthodox Church
  • Icons of our Church of St. Demetrius
  • Groups and Organizations of our Parish of St. Demetrius
  • Hierarchs of the UOCC
  • Photographical Depiction of Our Divine Liturgy
  • Historical Photographs
  • The Faithful of our Parish
  • The Feast Days & Activities of the Church Year

We always welcome new workers. Entering the information in to the computer is a careful and tedious task. Proof reading is even more so. And we are always happy to take suggestions as to improving the look and usability of the calendar.

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