Pre-Authorized Debit Request

To make a one-time or ongoing donation to St. Demetrius UOC via Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), please follow these steps:

  1. Open the PAD form by clicking here...
  2. Download or "Save as" the form to your local device
  3. Update the PAD with requested details
  4. Send the following to St. Demetrius:
    • Completed PAD form
    • Void cheque from you finanacial institution (or image of)
    • Copy of ID (i.e. Passport, Driverès License, or Photo ID)
  5. Email your request with attached files above to , or mail to:

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius

3338 Lake Shore Blvd West

Etobicoke, Ontario M8W 1M9

6. Allow 4-5 business days for set up at the bank.



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