First Confession and Holy Communion
First Confession and Holy Communion

A special group of six children from our parish partook in their First Confession on Saturday, May 25th, followed by Holy Communion on Sunday May 26th, during the Divine Liturgy.  In preparation for this Sacrament, theses children had diligently attended  special classes taught by Vera MacIntyre.  Following the Divine Liturgy, Father Walter presented the children with blessed Holy Icons as a special reminder of this day. This year’s participants were Stefan Michisor, Mark Michisor, Anastasia Dotsenko, Maria Klymenko, Oleksiy Kharko, and Alexander Dymchuk.

Left to right: Alexander Dymchuk, Oleksiy Kharko, Anastasia Dotsenko, Maria Klymenko, Mark Michisor, Stefan Michisor.

First Confession and Holy Communion 2013 - 05/26/2013

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