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Every month, the "Seniors" of St. Demetrius parish get together and make delicious varenyky (perogies) for sale to the public. The process of preparing the perogies takes several days of effort to complete...


On the first day, the filling is prepared using potatoes, onions, cheese and other secret ingredients: The potatoes are first cleaned, peeled, chopped, and boiled.  Onions are then chopped and cooked, and cheese is grated.  These ingredients are then mixed together to form the filling of the perogies.  The filling is then rolled into individual balls for each perogy-to-be. 

On the next day, the dough is made, and the individual perogies are assembled: First the dough is made using eggs and flour.  The dough is rolled out flat and individual circles of dough are then cut out for each perogy.  The dough and the filling of the perogies are then combined as the women carefully fold the dough around the filling and meticulously pinch and seal each perogy closed. Most of the perogies are then frozen uncooked until the Monthly Perogy Lunch.  Some of the perogies are cooked the same day for sale and consumption by the hard-working Seniors.

Finally, on the first Thursday of each month, the Senior's host their monthly Varenyky (Perogy) Luncheon in the St. Demetrius Church hall: The perogies are boiled, and are plated with fried onions and sour cream.  Borshch and kovbasy are also prepared for sale.  These tasty items are then served up wth a smile to the local community who come out in numbers to enjoy the food and atmosphere.  Perogies and borshch are also prepared and sold for take-out for those who want to enjoy the food later at home.  The monthly Perogy Lunch is very popular in the community and commonly over a hundred happy customers attend each month!

Thank-you to the Seniors of St. Demetrius for their time, effort and devotion in providing this appreciated service to the parish and the community!

St. Demetrius Seniors Perogy Making and Perogy Lunch - 10/30/2013

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