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The poster boldly proclaimed Lenten Spring. Thirty-six of our children and youth from seven parishes in the Eastern Eparchy came together to pause from the outside world and to gain insight and reflect on Great Lent, our preparation to celebrating the Resurrectional  Feast Day, Pascha!!

Activities varied with hands-on, singing, interactional and formal presentations. Hands on experiences included Paska Baking with volunteers from UWAC and Candle-dipping with Alex Trury. Learning to sing new Ukrainian "Xpuctoc Bockpec" was led by Oksana Klinovska. "Questions and Answers" sessions were hosted by Fr. Bohdan Hladio and Dr. Peter Kondra. Reader Franko Diakowsky presented a fascinating, fact-filled talk on Fasting, Prayer, Confession, the Triodion and much more, giving new information to the participants.

Vespers was served at 5pm by Fr. Bohdan. The responses were led by Sandy Takacs, Reader Geza Takacs and Reader Mark Schaefer.

A delicious supper was lovingly prepared by UWAC members for all the participants and parents.

The social activities in the evening were skating and paintball.

It was a beautiful, thought-provoking but fun-filled time.


A special thank you to St. Demetrius parish for use of their facilities.

And a big thank you to UWAC Volunteers: from Knyahynia Olha branch - Anne Moskaluk and from Sophia Rusova branch - Nadia Chuda, Hazel Dotchison, Darcy Moskaluk-Rutkay, Helen Spendicks, Ludmila Spivak 

Thank-you to Ron Demeda and Bob Rutkay for taking photographs, and to Franko Diakowsky for the poster design.

The retreat was organized by the Youth Committee and Youth Chaplain of the Eastern Eparchy of the UOCC.

Submitted by Natalka Olynyk Kowalenko

Lenten Spring Youth Retreat - 03/07/2015

Click to view a slideshow of more photos from the Lenten Spring Youth Retreat held at St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Saturday March 7, 2015...

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