St. Demetrius Choir CD - Душе Моя (O My Soul)
St. Demetrius Choir CD - Душе Моя (O My Soul)

The Choir of St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church has released their new dual CD "Душе Моя (O My Soul) / Св. Андрея Критського (St. Andrew of Crete).  The CD features 2 discs - the first features the full Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete. The second disc presents a selection of 12 soulful Lenten Songs, including songs such as Скорбная Мати (Mournful Mother), Покаяння (Repentence), Розбійник (The Thief), and others.

For more information or for orders, email or contact the church at 416-255-7506.


Click on the links below to listen to selected excerpts from the CD on youtube:

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