Spring Tea
Spring Tea

March 24, 2016 Palm Sunday, marked the date of our new event, the Spring Tea. What a wonderful event to mark the entrance of our Lord and Savior into Jerusalem!


While teas were conducted in the past they were eventually replaced with bazaars. As our ladies are so diverse in ages we find that the preparation for bazaars were becoming difficult, and with the high cost of groceries we found the returns where not as fruitful as in past.

We had to rethink how we do business at our branch. We baked four beautiful pasky once again (as our sales were good at the Bingo). Baking Pasky is such a bonding experience with our ladies. We taught those who did not know how and acquired new techniques from others. We are so fortunate to have Lesia Haley instructing us how to make the decorations on top of our pasky. Lesia passed on her recipe and her techniques to Darcia a few years ago and so Darcia Moskaluk-Rutkay is now the dough maker.

Our tea featured a market place where, Khrin, pasky, fresh baking, Patychky Varenyky, borsch, pampusky and more were sold out. We also displayed artwork from three of our resident artists Lesia Shipowick, Ludmila Spivak and Adele Kereliuk plus a guest artist. Our resident candle maker Alexander Tury featured his beautiful pure beeswax candles and honey made by local artisans from our area. Of course beautiful pysanky were available for purchase. For the children there was a coloring corner with children’s baskets containing pasky, wooden eggs and chocolates.


This years Spring Tea, features local talent from our parish, a display of embroideries found stored away in our many cupboards. With the help of Daria Diakowsky curator of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ontario branch, we were able to identify a beautiful array of embroidered pillows and “Rushnyky” These were displayed in groupings on our stage and act as the backdrop for our performers. During our search for embroideries Daria identified a beautiful Bukovinian “Rentuch” A Woven Head Scarf. During our program this historical artifact was donated to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ontario Branch. After our program we invited all to come onto the stage and view these beautiful pieces.


Our CYMKivtsi dressed in Ukrainian Costumes, welcomed our guests, and replenished the main table, the sweet table and the tea and coffee, ensuring that the tables with our guests were always cleared. They attended to the Children’s table and of course warmly greeted our guests


The Council General to Ukraine Lyudmila Davydovych opened our formal portion of our Tea.  The master of ceremonies and president Darcia Moskaluk-Rutkay, called upon 4 groups to be honored. Long service members of 40 years + service, New members, and Individuals who are not members of UWAC but consistently help us. Our TYC president Ivan  Franko called upon his honorees. Together with Fr. Walter Makarenko our Chaplin, presented the certificates of honour.


The beautiful Buffet and sweet tables were adorned with fresh flowers and silver tea and coffee serving sets and beautiful individual antique cups and saucers. As we are an equal opportunity organization Men and Women who are leaders and long term members in our parish and of our branch, had been invited to act as the tea pourers. They were: Orysia Sushko, President of СФУЖО/ WFUWO, Mykhalylo Zienchuk President of UOC St. Demetrius Parish, Ivan Franko President of TYC Longbranch and Stefan Franko president of the Order of St. Andrews, past presidents of Sophia Branch UWAC Olga Kuch, Katheryn Shumeko, Helen Scherbliuk, Nadia Dankowich, and long term members, Jenny Kuzemko, Olga Slywka, and Slavka Balaura


Spring Tea 2016 - 04/24/2016

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