First Confession and Communion
First Confession and Communion

On Saturday, May 26th our annual First Confession was attended by 8 of our children with their respective families.  The next day they came up for Holy Communion and then received gift icons from Fr. Walter before standing for the group photo.

I feel that we have been blessed, here at St. Demetrius, in that we have so many children, of all ages, growing up in the church.

This year the participants of First Confession were:

1st row (l-r): Kathryn Dawson, Ivanna Dotsenko, Mia Serediak, Victoria Dawson;

2nd row (l-r): Maxim Tolomiczenko, Larysa Balaura, Sarah Serediak, Alexander Mavros.


Also, in the photo are Altar Servers, on the left side: Mykhailo Khakhula, Alexander Czyrnianski, Petro Dowhal, Lukian Zmiyiwsky; on the right side: Luke Tolomiczenko, Nicholas Mavros, Sergei Tolomiczenko, Basil Zmiyiwsky.

In the back row: Rev. Deacon Borys Melnyk & Fr. Walter.


Submitted by: Fr. Walter Makarenko

Photos: Robert Rutkay

First Confession and Communion - 05/27/2018

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