First Confession and Communion 2023
First Confession and Communion

Congratulations to the twelve young members of our church who partook in the Holy Sacrament of Confession for the first time on Saturday May 27, 2023; this was followed by the Sacrament of Holy Communion on Sunday. 

The children were presented with their own personal holy icons by Father Walter and the attending clergy at the end of the Divine Liturgy

1st row: Anastasia Baczynskyj, Evelyn Wysochansky, Diana Kormarnytska, Teodora Stolyar, Yulia Majkyt, Ivanka Smerechniak

2nd row: Artem Douyenko, Jacob Tolomiczenko, Nicholas Mavros, Tanya Mavros

3rd row: Jack Gibson, Nicolas Stolyar, Marian Zuzanskyy, Nicholas Chometa, Brennan Balaura

4th row: Basil Zmiyiwsky, Fr. Bohdan Sencio, Fr. Walter, Fr. Bohdan Kuzenko

Many family friends and relatives were present to support our young students.  A special thank you to our teachers Ivanka Smerechniak, Tanya Mavros and Anastasia Baczynskyj for preparing the children for this important milestone in their lives

May God bless them!


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